8 Areas of Your Life to Pair with Your GoDonut

8 Areas of Your Life to Pair with Your GoDonut


1. BUSINESS: The GoDonut workplace solution

It’s no secret that most of us check our phones often for texts, missed calls, and other notifications while on the job. For those of us who work at a desk, placing your phone in your GoDonut keeps it handy and allows it to take up less room. Plus, your GoDonut holds your phone steady when you’re doing a video call, whether at home, at your home workstation, or in the office. It’s also great if you work at a barber shop or beauty salon and want to prop a tablet up to keep your customers entertained.

2. GYM: The GoDonut fitness buddy

Whether you’re working out in the gym, at home, or at the park, your GoDonut allows you to prop up your smartphone or tablet and make it part of your fitness routine. Crush your goals by watching workout videos, tracking your progress, or video chatting with your workout buddy. Your GoDonut also makes it easy to watch your favorite streaming entertainment or keep an eye on your phone notifications as you complete your sets.

3. SPORTS: The GoDonut sweet moves recorder

Did you know that your GoDonut can be used as a tripod for your phone? Use it to hold your phone in either portrait or landscape mode as your film your newest skatepark, parkour, gymnastics, martial arts, or breakdancing moves. When you’re ready for a break, use your GoDonut to watch videos to learn your next sweet moves so you don’t have to put your sweaty hands all over your phone.

4. KIDS: The GoDonut schoolwork assistant

Whether your kids are doing schoolwork at home or completing their daily homework assignments, they may be using a tablet. Use your GoDonut to prop it up so they don’t get an early case of texting neck. It also makes it easier to see their screen so you can ensure they’re not goofing off. Use your GoDonut for a smartphone or tablet so your kids can watch educational videos or play educational games, too.

5. TRAVEL: The GoDonut adventure buddy

One of your GoDonut’s greatest uses is as a travel buddy on your next trip. It’s portable, durable, and waterproof, and it’s perfect for propping up your phone while you stream entertainment in the terminal or on the plane or train. Your GoDonut can handle a surprising amount of turbulence. Use it for reading an eBook in a relaxing locale, for taking selfies and time exposure shots, or for doing business meeting presentations.

6. DIY: The GoDonut how-to video holder

Your car’s leaking fluid, your fridge is making a funny noise, you can’t remember how to fold a fitted sheet, or you’re looking for inspiration as you transform your home into a minimalist abode. Owning stuff means learning to maintain stuff, and how-to videos can be a huge time, money, and frustration saver. Use your GoDonut to keep your hands free as you work on your next DIY project.

7. COOKING: The GoDonut chef’s assistant

Few things are more irritating in the kitchen than having to constantly pick up your phone to follow a new recipe while covering it in oil, flour, and sauce. Use your GoDonut to prop your up phone or tablet and use the clock app as a timer. Also use it to watch cooking videos, stream entertainment, and chat with friends while you power through a familiar recipe. Bonus: Your GoDonut is easy to clean if you accidentally set it in that pile of spilled sugar.

8. MUSIC: The GoDonut music teacher

For those brave enough to tackle a new musical instrument, your GoDonut can help you in that journey. Use it as a digital music stand so you can follow sheet music on your phone or tablet. Download a metronome app. Watch how-to videos. Use your GoDonut to video chat with a long-distance teacher so they can give you pointers. Once you’ve gotten a piece down pat, record yourself playing it and share with loved ones.

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