A Phone and Tablet Stand Can Be Your Best Friend in the Kitchen

A Phone and Tablet Stand Can Be Your Best Friend in the Kitchen

“I don’t know what to make for dinner tonight.” 

That’s the daily struggle, especially for those of us who want to cook in order to stay healthy or save money. But like any art, cooking can be fun and rewarding once you have an idea and the right tools to make it a reality. Here’s how something as simple as a phone and tablet holder can help you find the right meal to make for dinner, make following instructions easier, and know when it’s time to take your creation out of the oven, remove it from the burner, or let it sit for several minutes before serving.

Use your GoDonut to hold up your phone or tablet while you follow recipes

You know that pile of cookbooks sitting in the cupboard? That box of recipe cards you rarely touch anymore? They’ve been largely replaced by your smartphone or tablet, where looking up dinner ideas involves a lot more mouthwater photos and user reviews. 

But actually following a recipe on your device screen while cooking is clumsy. If you set it down on the counter, the screen reflects every lightbulb on your ceiling. If you try propping it up against something, it inevitably slides down. 

That’s one of the ways a GoDonut phone and tablet stand can be your best friend in the kitchen. It holds your device at multiple viewing angles so you can clearly see whether to add three teaspoons or three tablespoons of salt to your dish.

Bonus benefit: It also keeps your laptop out of the kitchen where spills can land on your keyboard.

Use voice commands to keep your device clean while you cook

Cooking is messy. The wake of destruction that results from even just 20 minutes of prep time is a testament to that. Having hands covered in goo makes the simple act of scrolling down on your phone screen to see the rest of the recipe akin to letting your toddler go straight from the mud puddle to the back seat of your white leather upholstered car. 

That’s why in addition to propping your phone up in a GoDonut stand, you can also set up voice commands to keep your phone free from the mess. Use those commands to scroll around your recipe by simply speaking to your phone.

Here are Google’s instructions on how to set that up on an Android device.

While using Siri to scroll up and down on web pages can be frustrating, you can set up Apple’s Voice Control commands instead on your iPhone, according to Kim Komando.

Use your phone to time your recipes

While your phone already comes with a basic timer, you can download kitchen timer apps that are much more fun to use and give you more options, such as saving preset times for regular tasks, running multiple timers at once, and changing your timer’s look and sound.



Use your GoDonut to watch cooking videos or shows for dinner ideas

To avoid entering the last-minute “what am I going to make for dinner?” panic stage every day, prop your phone or tablet up in your GoDonut, sit back, and watch cooking shows or recipe videos when you get a few moments. The versatility of the GoDonut’s design allows you to use your device in landscape mode (sideways) for better video viewing. 

Here are some of the top recipe channels on YouTube:

Stream your favorite entertainment while cooking

Cooking can involve tending the stovetop, which can be as fascinating as — literally — watching water boil. Use your GoDonut to prop up your phone or tablet so you can stream your favorite entertainment while keeping an eye on your meal.

Bonus: Recipe sites worth visiting for dinner ideas

Whether you’re trying to trying to figure out what to do with that ground beef in the freezer, how best to prepare a casserole dish of chicken thighs, or how to cook artichokes and asparagus,, you can either Google your inquiries and hope for a good recipe site or you can simply start by visiting one of these:

Now grab your GoDonut and bring back the joy of cooking!

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