Do You Like New Gadgets? Here are the Top Tech Blogs & Vlogs to Follow

Do You Like New Gadgets? Here are the Top Tech Blogs & Vlogs to Follow

It’s not hard to get excited about new gadgets, but keeping up with the latest tech is tough for busy consumers. So we decided to give you a little assist so you can get back to Fortnite — er, we mean — so you can get back to crushing your to-do list and have a little time leftover to see what genius inventions the kid you used to pick on at school has come up with this week.

There are all sorts of tech blogs out that lean heavily into the worlds of entertainment and business news — yawn — so we focused instead on blog sites that dive into the latest gadgets you can drool over. In our selection, we opted for blogs that possess a good balance of being fun, informative, and visually attractive.

We also threw in some fun gadget vlogs for you to enjoy while you chow down on your breakfast cereal, or lunch cereal…or dinner cereal.

Gadget blogs


Wired Magazine is almost 30 years old — yikes! — but has managed to remain cutting edge in its design, writing style, and coverage of new tech. 

Wired’s fun style lives on its website, too. In its Gear section, enjoy announcements and reviews for gadgets ranging from portable BBQ grills to coffee air brewers and from camera glasses to high-tech socks.

Based in San Francisco, Wired lives on the doorstep of Silicon Valley and is plugged into the tech industry like few other technology news outlets.

The Awesomer

Speaking of fun, there are few gadget blogs out there — perhaps none — that can rival the pure geeky joy of The Awesomer. Rather than solely focus on the new gadgets you’ve already heard about, The Awesomer also finds the stuff you never knew you needed — but now have to have.

Based in Chicago, The Awesomer introduced us to the Stubble Buddy (for vacuuming up the bathroom sink after a shave), the SNACTIV Snacking Tool (allows you to down Cheetos without coating your keyboard in cheese dust), the TekFire Lighter/Battery (which can light your campfire and keep your phone charged while you’re out in the woods), and the PrintPod Handheld Printer (a tiny printer you can use to label everything on earth).


If you like lots of articles to choose from, you’ll probably like Engadget. This prolific, award-winning web magazine has a more sophisticated, newsy feel than many tech blogs out there.


For gadget geeks who want a little more humor and have an interest in science fiction, too, Gizmodo might be more your speed. Their reviews will help you make those spendy tech purchases.

The Gadgeteer 

The Gadgeteer proudly boasts that it’s been posting gadget reviews since 1997 — and it looks like its design hasn’t been updated many times since. The blog has a personable feel, though, and doesn’t have the appearance of being spewed out by a content mill. Not every review is personally written by owner Julie Strietelmeier, but she provides profiles of her large team of expert writers.

The Gadget Flow

New York-based The Gadget Flow stays true to its name by making it a breeze to scroll through hundreds of quick write-ups of the latest techy products. The site also lists all the prices for the gadgets upfront, allowing you to see — at a glance — how much lighter your pocketbook will be after purchase.

Gadget vlogs

Future Tech

611K YouTube subscribers

Do you love gadget roundups? If so, you’ll probably love the Future Tech YouTube channel. From smart mirrors to automated clothes sorters to backpacks with customizable message screens to emergency inflatable airbags swimmers can wear on their wrist, watching this channel will make you feel like The Jetsons (or Futurama) has just arrived.


3.2 million YouTube subscribers

TechZone branches out from consumer gadgets into homemade inventions, too. This channel’s offerings will truly amaze you with products that may or may not ever reach the mass market. From circular smartphones to remote-control UFOs to a backpack that won’t bounce up and down when you hike and run, this channel will bring out your inner inventor.

YouFact Tech

278K YouTube subscribers

YouFact Tech videos are all about gadget round-ups. Each video, which generally runs between 8 and 10 minutes, features between 10 and 25 cool tech toys. They’re fast-paced, allowing you to quickly get an idea of the newest products on the market. These are gadgets you can actually buy rather than inventions that seem doomed to fail before they ever hit the shelves.

Marques Brownlee

14.6 million YouTube subscribers

Do you love high-quality product review vlogs? Take a look at Marques Brownlee’s incredibly popular channel. He reviews everything from electric cars to robot dogs to foldable smartphone screens. 


6.91 million YouTube subscribers

iJustine’s fast-paced, entertaining videos span the gamut from cooking to gaming, but on Tech Tuesdays she focuses on testing and reviewing smartphones, laptops, tech accessories, and other cool gadgets, as well as a high-powered vehicle here and there.


3.12 million YouTube subscribers

If you’re looking for a tech vlogger who keeps it simple and doesn’t take up your viewing time with antics, UrAvgConsumer might be the channel for you. Let his dulcet tone lead you into a state of deep relaxation — or your next gadget purchase.

Want to see the newest products from a company that sells a variety of simple, versatile, and fun smartphone and tablet stands? Check out the incredible accessories GoDonut has been creating these days.

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