Finding the Right Phone Stand for your Office and Remote Job is a Game-Changer

Finding the Right Phone Stand for your Office and Remote Job is a Game-Changer

Whether you’re at a brick-and-mortar office or working remotely, the right phone and tablet stand can boost your productivity and relieve your frustrations. Finding a portable holder that props up your mobile device at the best angle can be a game-changer as you use it at your desk, in meetings, at lunch, and on business trips. Here’s exactly how:

At your desk

For just about anyone who crushes their workload while sitting at a horizontal slab, having your phone in reach is a must, whether you’re using it as part of your daily task completion or sneaking a glance at your social media channels. Placing your phone in a holder, like the GoDonut mobile device stand, makes it quicker and easier to use. Here are the pros and cons of using a GoDonut holder:


  • Keeps your phone propped up at an optimal viewing angle to increase useability and reduce the neck strain you’ll inevitably experience from using your smartphone on a flat surface. 
  • Takes up less space on your crowded desk than when your phone is laying down flat. 
  • Fits your minimalist vibe.
  • Has plenty of stability to help keep your phone from falling over while you’re using it.


  • Your coworkers might borrow it and not give it back anytime soon. But at least you’ll know what to get them for Christmas.

Do solid-colored GoDonuts not fit your style? Check out the Glazed line or opt for the Ultra if you want a selection of prints to choose from.

In the meeting

Whether you’re fully dressed and sitting in a conference room or are pairing your suit jacket with pajama bottoms at home, a device stand that can hold both your phone and a standard tablet will improve your experience.

At home, use it to hold your phone or tablet for video calls. It’ll keep your coworkers and clients from getting seasick if you’re trying to handhold your phone through the entire call. And you’ll avoid the embarrassment of accidentally bumping your phone or tablet and watching it slide off whatever you had it loosely propped up against.

In the conference room, use a mobile device stand to hold your phone or tablet while you record the meeting, take notes, or keep an eye on your messages. With a GoDonut 360 or Swivel add-on to your existing GoDonut, you can effortlessly rotate your standard tablet for presentations.

During lunch break

Nobody simply eats during their lunch break. Whether you sit in a soulless breakroom to consume your soggy egg salad sandwich or enjoy your meal time at a trendy sidewalk café, you’ve long since discovered that lunch break is an ideal time to catch up on your texts, social media alerts, news, eBook reading, or favorite show. 

Using a stable, portable stand like a GoDonut keeps your hands free for eating, your phone or eBook reader off the sticky table, and your neck in a more comfortable position. 

Did you dunk your grilled cheese sandwich too aggressively into your tomato basil soup? Don’t worry. If you get food on your GoDonut, simply wash it off. It’s waterproof.

On business trips

Whether you’re taking a plane or train to your next important meeting, a mobile device stand will turn your tiny tray table into a useful workspace. It’ll save space and make your phone or tablet more usable as you review your report, write some last-minute notes, watch a motivational speech, or chill out with an episode of your favorite sitcom. 

Once you get to your meeting, use your stand to prop up your phone or tablet while you take notes or give a presentation. 

GoDonut 360 or Swivel add-on is especially useful when meeting one-on-one or in a small group with clients. It allows you to easily rotate your screen so everyone around you can see what you have to present.

Now get back to work. Break’s over.

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