Fitness Buddy: 9 Ways Your GoDonut Can Boost Your Workout

Fitness Buddy: 9 Ways Your GoDonut Can Boost Your Workout


Trying to crush those fitness goals? It’s tough to do it alone.

Did you know GoDonuts were designed with fitness in mind? Don’t let the sugary name fool you. A go-anywhere, universal mobile device stand will be a great addition to your fitness routine. Here’s how:

1. Watch fitness videos

It’s easier to workout when you can follow along. Setup your phone or tablet in your GoDonut and watch fitness videos on YouTube or Amazon Prime or on one of these fitness streaming services.

2. Find the right workout

Looking for something new? Pop your phone in your GoDonut and try one of these 125 free streaming workouts.

3. Track your progress

Whether you workout indoors or go the distance outdoors, it’s life-affirming to track your progress while in motion before sitting down to log your notes afterwards. Here are 10 apps for iOS and Android to help you do that.

4. Save time during intense workouts

Running on a treadmill? Pumping iron? Busting through a high-intensity workout? No one wants to have to reach for their phone when they’re in the zone. Keep your phone handy and in view by propping it up with your GoDonut.

5. Workout together with your fitness buddy from afar

Can’t be in the same place as your favorite fitness buddy? Setup your phone in your GoDonut, turn on your video chat, and workout together. Encourage each other as you go through your routines.

6. Keep an eye on your messages

How annoying is it to be working out and have your phone ding at you? It leaves you with a tough choice: keep up your momentum and wonder if you just got an important text or stop in the middle of your routine to check your phone? No problem. Use your GoDonut to keep your phone screen in view so you don’t miss a beat.

7. Discover new places to workout

You don’t have to be tied to a fixed screen when you’re working out. Carry your screen with you and put it in the perfect position when you bring your GoDonut along. Get setup at the park, on the beach, at the cabin, or in any room in your home.

8. Stream entertainment

Nothing kills the tedium of working out in the same spot as being able to stream your favorite movie, TV show, or Twitch channel. Everyone knows that.

9. Film a workout videos

Inspire or educate others with your workout by streaming or recording your favorite exercises. Prop your phone or tablet up with your GoDonut and hit the record button.

Don’t have a GoDonut as a fitness buddy? Learn more about why they’re awesome at

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