GoDonut in College: An Essential Mobile Tool for Campus Life

GoDonut in College: An Essential Mobile Tool for Campus Life

College campus. It’s a place to live, work, and play in an environment where you’re always on the move. Kind of like life after college, but in a smaller, more manicured bubble. It’s also a place where your smartphone and tablet are essential tools for navigating through your research, class schedules, notes, reading, study music, communications, and social calendar.

GoDonut mobile device stand puts you — or your college student — in the best position to achieve that. Here’s how:

Desk space can be absurdly limited in a classroom. A GoDonut stand makes your phone or tablet take up a lot less real estate. It also keeps your device propped up at multiple angles and in landscape and portrait mode while you’re using it.

Sometimes the amount of space in your dorm room can make your tiny classroom desk feel generous, especially if your roommate’s heap of unwashed laundry has avalanched its way over most of the remaining surfaces.

A GoDonut is stable enough to sit atop surfaces that are not entirely level, such as a mattress, firm pillow, or stack of binders. Use your GoDonut to hold your phone or tablet while you stream your favorite show, chat with friends, or scroll through your favorite social media channels. Or while you burn the midnight oil completing all that research you were supposed to be focusing on when doing all the things above.

When you’re chilling — or studying — in the student lounge for a change of scenery and some entertaining people watching, keep your mobile device propped up in a GoDonut so you don’t develop a hunch in your back before you hit 30. 

Or lay on your stomach on the floor of your library’s graphic novel section, like in the image above, because your spine is still young and flexible. (Note: Not recommended by chiropractors, unless they want your business later in life)

Need a break from the complex social hierarchy that determines seating placement in your college cafeteria? Grab a table by yourself and read or watch a show while you chow down on the mystery pizza flavor of the week. Stick your earbuds in and tune out real life’s drama.

Spring is in the air, and after months of students huddled inside away from the chilly winter weather, your entire dorm floor is in need of serious fumigation. Get outside and find a grassy knoll to sit on. Keep your phone or tablet propped up in a GoDonut while you study.

It’s almost summer. Three months free from studying are so close that you feel the need to take micro-breaks from your coursework just to get practice for summer break. Sprawl out on a beach, pier, or riverfront amphitheater and read something fun for once, chat, or take selfies to prove that you do actually get out and do stuff sometimes.

Need to work off a week’s worth of cafeteria cinnamon rolls? Prop your phone or tablet up and follow along with some exercise videos.

Add a GoDonut to your college of essential college accessories. Choose from dozens of colors and styles to find the one that fits your look.

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