GoDonut on the Go: 7 Ways to Use Your Phone Stand Around Town

GoDonut on the Go: 7 Ways to Use Your Phone Stand Around Town

Ever wondered why GoDonut has the word “Go” in it? It’s simple. The versatility, durability, and portability of this little device stand is so awesome that it should not be constrained to the confines of your home.

Here are 7 ways your phone stand can go long with you as you run around town:

At the gym

Whether you’re doing your daily reps or crushing a new workout, it’s handy to have a screen to look at so you can watch a fitness video or stream your favorite entertainment. Most of the equipment you’re working on doesn’t have a screen or a place to prop up your phone at a good viewing angle.

That’s why a GoDonut can fit into your routine. It holds your phone or tablet for you so you can focus on achieving your fitness goals.

If you’re opting to work out at home instead of the gym, the GoDonut works great there, too.


At the park

Do you enjoy exercising outdoors to take advantage of the fresh air and scenery? Do you like to do yoga, pilates, or other workouts in the park?

Set your GoDonut on a picnic table or in the grass so you can see your phone or tablet as you flex and stretch. 

Do you prefer to read in the park instead? Get out your picnic blanket and use your GoDonut to prop up your eBook reader.

If you’re opting to stay at home, the GoDonut works great in your backyard or on your patio, too.

On the beach

Staring at the waves for hours is satisfying enough for some people, but for others, they’d rather be reading a book, chatting with friends, or scrolling through social media with the thundering of the surf as their soundtrack

Your GoDonut helps keep your phone or tablet propped up and a little further away from the sand. You can also use it to hold your phone for some sunset selfies — you know, the kind where you’re staring moodily across the sea as the sun melts into the watery horizon.

At the office

Take your GoDonut to work with you. It gives you a place to put your phone on your desk and makes it easy to tap your screen to check for messages.

Use your GoDonut in meetings to prop up your tablet for taking notes and for showing off a presentation to colleagues. The Swivel add-on is superb for this, allowing you to rotate your GoDonut and device 360 degrees with ease.

Take your GoDonut with you to lunch, whether in the breakroom or at your favorite cafe, so you can catch up on your reading, check your social media channels for updates, skim through news headlines, or watch funny cat videos until people look at you strangely for laughing so hard.

If you work from home, your GoDonut is a fantastic addition to your #WFH office. Here are eight ways to improve your home or office for video calls. 

At college

It’s not college if you don’t have at least two screens on your desk, right? 

Pop your phone or tablet into your GoDonut so you can have more room on your tiny desk for your laptop and textbooks. Use it as you work and relax around campus.

While waiting

Sitting in a waiting room while listening for your name to be called? Sitting in your car while you wait for your kid to get out of school? Sitting in a room while you wait for your teen to get done with their dance lessons?

Stick your GoDonut on a table, armest, or dashboard and prop up your phone, tablet, or eBook reader so you can read, get caught up on the latest updates, or stream the newest hit show. 

On the plane and train

Are you ready to get out of town? Or do you use a train to commute to work? 

Open up that tray table, take your GoDonut out of your bag, and put your phone or tablet into position so you can make your travel time productive, entertaining, or both. It works great for planes and airports, too — especially those long flights and unexpected delays that make you contemplate whether coast-to-coast travel is really worth it.

Aside from its obvious versatility, what sets GoDonut apart from other device stands is its portability and durability. It’s small and flat enough to carry around with ease, and it’s so strong that it can withstand being run over by a 30,000-pound semi truck.

So don’t forget to take your GoDonut with you next time you leave the house!

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