GoDonut on the Go: Why You Should Never Travel Without It

GoDonut on the Go: Why You Should Never Travel Without It

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Looking forward to traveling? Your GoDonut has given you a new tool in your travel kit as you get out and explore.

1. Fight flight boredom

In-flight entertainment selections are never satisfactory — if you even have your own seat-back screen. In fact, some airlines are actually removing screens from planes, according to Bloomberg. But laying your tablet or phone flat on your tray table to watch your own entertainment is terrible for your neck, and propping it up against objects from your carry-on is doomed to failure as your plane encounters turbulence.

That’s why the stability — and awesome viewing angles — of your GoDonut mobile device stand is perfect for fighting flight boredom. Plus, it leaves room on your tray table for other things and is quick to put away when you need to lock your tray table back in its upright position. Use your GoDonut when playing games and reading a book on your mobile device, too!

Hint: Also works great for the worst part of traveling: everlasting wait times in airport terminals, especially if you have a squirmy toddler.

2. Enhance your lodgings

As much as we might like to be out-and-about when traveling, we all spend a significant amount of our waking time in our lodgings — whether because it’s too cold and dark outside, the weather’s gone sour, or one of your kids isn’t feeling well. That can leave you stuck in a hotel or motel room with a TV that’s got too many channels (or too few) and still nothing to watch.

Propping up your phone or tablet on your GoDonut to stream your own movies or shows or to play a game, chat with friends back home, or browse social media to see how other people’s vacations are going will help you conquer the stuck-inside blues.

3. Boost your selfies and time-exposure shots

Aside from being a display stand, did you know that your GoDonut is also a mini, super-portable tripod (without the three legs, of course)? With multiple angles to choose from, you can keep your phone camera at ground level or place it on something high to capture the beauty of your travel locale — and, of course, yourself and your travel buddies.

Trying to capture the beauty of the night lights or create a time exposure of a cascading mountain stream? Your GoDonut will hold your phone nice and steady for you.

4. Enter relax mode

Sometimes your GoDonut tells you to go relax after six hours of trying to hit every site on the itinerary. Make yourself comfortable in a poolside chair, lounge on a beach, enjoy a cool breeze on a balcony, or sit down by a lakeshore. Pop out your GoDonut so you can read, scroll through your vacation photos, or catch up with friends.

Remember, you don’t want to come back from your trip looking like a hunchback because you spent too much time leaning over your phone.

5. Host a presentation

Whether you’re meeting with some potential new clients, giving a spur-of-the-moment presentation to gain advocates for your cause, or showing your new friends what life is like where you come from, it’s very handy to have a highly portable display stand along for the ride.

With so many uses for a GoDonut, why would you travel without it?

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