GoDonut vs. Other Phone Stands: 5 Reason to Love GoDonut More

GoDonut vs. Other Phone Stands: 5 Reason to Love GoDonut More


OK, we’ll admit it: There are other phone and tablet stands out there. They come in all sorts of strange shapes and sizes with varying degrees of functionality. But we believe there is one mobile device stand to rule them all: the GoDonut.

Yes, you may suspect we’d be a little biased toward our own creation, but we firmly stand behind our product for its five overarching characteristics — and it’s pure awesomeness. Judge for yourself if you think these five reasons make the GoDonut a wise choice over all other device stands.

1. Attractive, minimalist, and not apt to get you ridiculed

If only one phone stand in the world existed, it wouldn’t matter if it looked like a moldy potato — you’d simply buy it for its functionality. But because engineers around the world have taken a crack at devising a solution to the problem of mobile devices not propping themselves up, there are lots of options — but only one that gets it right.

Not every engineer knows how to marry functionality with art. At GoDonut, we firmly believe in that union. The basic concept of a phone stand has been around long enough that we decided to advance it to the next level: making it look good enough to evoke your friends’ curiosity rather than their ridicule.

Not only does the GoDonut look intriguing and come in a variety of colors and finishes, its design is minimalist. It keeps your desk from looking cluttered, it looks nice on your dining room table, it looks natural sitting on your coffee table, and it looks cool at the gym. In fact, it’s a great conversation starter because it’s such a great blend of fun and simplicity — in numerous color options.

2. Survived the ultimate squish test

If every product was tested for durability by running over it with a 33,000-pound semi truck, most phone stands would look like piles of twisted metal, splintered wood, or smooshed globs of plastic before they ever hit the shelves. 

After that pressure test, though, the GoDonut retained its happy shape. And while your GoDonut isn’t likely to fall under the wheels of a semi, that level of durability gives you peace of mind when you throw it in your bag full of sharp objects, give it to your child to play with when they won’t stop screaming, or sweep it off your coffee table by accident with your flailing arms when your team scores the winning point.

Durability makes GoDonuts a smart choice for people who are on the go. Take it to your office, bring it to the park, use it at the gym, carry it into the outdoors for selfies, and include it in your travel gear. It’s compact enough to carry in a purse or stick in a decent-sized pocket.

3. The opposite of a picky Cinderella fit

The GoDonut fits most phones and tablets in existence. It can even handle cases up to 1/2 inch or 12 millimeters in thickness, making the GoDonut one of the most universal stands in, well, the universe. We put multiple grooves in it and designed it for stability so it can handle a whole lot of different devices.

In other words, it’s one of the least picky phone/tablet stands out there. Plus, you don’t have to permanently attach something to your phone to prop it up. Just drop your phone into the GoDonut when you want to use it and pick it up when you’re done.

4. Versatile enough to be our motto

There are some bizarre — and downright ugly — phone and tablet stands out there. But one thing most stands don’t have is the ability to hold your device at multiple viewing angles. Some don’t even allow you to use your device in landscape mode.

The GoDonut does. That’s why we threw the word “versatile” into our motto: “simple. versatile. fun.” Our stand isn’t just a novelty gift. It actually works really well.

While using the GoDonut to hold your phone or tablet when watching a video, following a recipe, messaging a friend, or scrolling endlessly through social media, you’ll find it incredibly handy to not be stuck at one viewing angle all the time.

Always being forced to use your device at a single angle is like owning a recliner that doesn’t recline, a belt that doesn’t adjust, or an umbrella that is always stuck open. Don’t live life like that.

5. Made in the USA

What’s the most common thing we’ve seen written on the boxes of most other phone stands out there? It’s not the phrase: “Made in the USA.”

We take pride in the fact that all of our GoDonuts are manufactured in America. Why is that? Is it because we dream every night of soaring eagles, rockets’ red glare, and warm apple pie fresh out of the oven with a scoop of creamy ice cream on top?

Perhaps, but the primary reasons we’ve striven for American manufacturing is because we can ensure the highest quality of materials and construction, create something that can measure up to top safety standards, employ people in our surrounding communities, and support workers with disabilities.

That’s why we can deliver a phone and tablet stand to you that we can be truly proud of.

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