How GoDonut Fits into Your RV and #Vanlife

How GoDonut Fits into Your RV and #Vanlife

The lure of the great outdoors — experienced from the comfort or an RV or camper van — has become irresistible to young and old alike. While most of us can find at least some enjoyment in nature, we’re ready to run back to civilization the moment the sun starts to set. Having a home on wheels makes that panic-driven sprint a whole lot shorter.

And having a GoDonut phone/tablet stand — or two — in your rig fits right into that lifestyle. Here’s how:

Working remotely in your camper

Living in a space as small as an RV — and especially a converted cargo van — forces you to be intentional about your space. Minimalism is the key. A GoDonut lives comfortably in that world because it props up most smartphones and standard tablets at multiple angles. That means you only need one device stand per person. By propping up your smartphone or tablet up, it also allows your mobile devices to take up less room in your limited workspace.

Using your GoDonut at the campfire, on the beach, or in the coffee shop 

The portability and durability of a GoDonut means you can take it anywhere. Stream your favorite show or movie as you sit around the campfire, read an eBook hands-free on the beach, or browse through your social media feeds while enjoying a drink at a coffee shop along the way.

Showing off your #VanLife

Yes, we know that you didn’t sell everything you own and cram your whole life into a tiny box just so you could be a travel influencer. Um…right? But showing off how you’re living your #VanLife is part of the fun, and if you do score some sweet sponsorships, then that can help fund your adventurous lifestyle. Use your GoDonut to hold your phone while you talk to your followers about the day’s journeys — and mishaps.

Doing video calls just about anywhere

The reality of #RVLife and #VanLife is that you don’t get a lot of privacy — unless you’re living alone. Doing video calls inside the camper can be disruptive to anyone else you’re sharing your space with, but taking a call somewhere else can involve having to hold your phone by hand — bound to make some of the people on the other end feel seasick. Your GoDonut will hold your phone steady on just about any relatively level surface.

Watching how-to videos on camper repair

Driving your home around all the time is, well, hard on your home. Maintenance and repairs are inevitable, so you’re bound to do what most of us do when it’s time to open the hood: consult the internet. Use your GoDonut to hold your phone or tablet while you follow how-to guides and videos. And keep your hands free while you have your most trusted grease monkey talk you through the process of getting your RV or van back to full health.

Using GoDonut just about anywhere you would around your house or office

Your camper is a miniature house and office, so you can use your GoDonut just about anywhere you would in a brick and mortar location. Plus, it comes in many colors and prints, so you can find one to fit your style.

Now grab your GoDonut and get back on the road!

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