Social Distancing? Stay Connected with GoDonut: Part I

Social Distancing? Stay Connected with GoDonut: Part I


During these unprecedented times, many of us are doing our part to stay safe while saving lives. If you’re social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, then we understand that this can be an especially stressful and lonely period. Despite the current need for isolation, it is essential to reach out to those who matter most to us and offer them our love and support. We also need to nourish our own interests as a generous act of self-care in order to ensure that we all come out of this difficult period strong and united.

Thanks to GoDonut, communicating with your loved ones is easier than ever before. Our universally compatible device stand allows you to prop your smartphone or tablet on virtually any surface (even your pillow!) and talk to distant friends and family hands-free. GoDonut comes in two convenient designs, the GoDonut Original, which allows users to see their screen from three different angles, and our revolutionary new GoDonut 360, which lets you view you rotate your screen to virtually any angle. Read on to learn more about how our mobile device props can help you through this difficult time, then shop our products today.

Video Chat With Family and Friends

Today, there are a wealth of video chat apps available to help us stay in touch with our loved ones both near and far. Best of all, many of these apps — such as Facetime, Skype, and Zoom — are completely free for their basic services. From virtual dinners to virtual coffee dates, people all over the world are reconnecting with their friends and family in this difficult time through the power of the Internet. In addition, video chat also provides a great opportunity to keep in touch with coworkers if you’re working from home.

The downside of using video chat to connect with others is that it can be difficult to find a place to hold your device while you talk. Keeping your arm outstretched so that the person on the other end can see you gets tiring and inconvenient after a while, and propping your device up on a book or other object makes it prone to slipping. Consider this problem solved with GoDonut. Simply place your smartphone or tablet in our device holder and enjoy your video chat session hands-free.

Start a Vlog

Another great way to connect with friends both new and old is to start a vlog, or video blog. Vlogs allow people to wax poetic on their favorite topics, whether that’s cars, sports, books, or any other interest, and share their insights with the world. It’s a perfect way to make new connections, discover new ideas, and get a sense of solidarity in an otherwise isolating scenario.

Today, smartphone and tablet cameras are some of the highest-quality cameras available on the market, so we recommend using them to record your vlog. If you decide to do this, however, you will need a place to hold your device. GoDonut is your go-to accessory for keeping your camera upright without fear of slipping or breakage. Best of all, with GoDonut 360 you can rotate your camera a full 360°, allowing you to share seamless video of any place in your vicinity.

Play Co-Op Video Games

Video games are a great way to pass the time. They provide captivating narratives, cool characters, and help you build temporal and spatial abilities. Fortunately, video games no longer have to be a solitary activity, thanks to the increasingly popular genre of cooperative games. Cooperative video games allow you to connect with players all over the world as you battle enemies, search for treasures, and discover new worlds. Some of the most popular co-op games currently available for smartphones and tablets include Fortnite, Call of Duty, Animal Crossing, and Bombsquad.

GoDonut allows you to play cooperative video games without having to worry about accidentally dropping or breaking your device during key moments in the game. After all, no one likes the guy who explodes a grenade on his own team. So, what are you waiting for? Download a cooperative game on your device, and start meeting new friends and conquering new enemies thanks to your GoDonut universal stand.

Work Out

Gyms may be closed, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your fitness routine. In fact, now more than ever, it’s important to stay on top of your physical health, as this is fundamental to maintaining your mental health. Even if it’s still cold where you live and you can’t yet work out outside, you can still enjoy some exercise thanks to online workout videos. Even better, with free streaming sites available, such as YouTube, video workouts don’t have to cost you a thing! Simply step into your sweatpants, throw on a t-shirt, slip on some sneakers, and get sweating!

The only problem is that it’s nearly impossible to look down at a tiny tablet or smartphone screen when you’re trying to follow a video. GoDonut’s got you covered. Simply place your GoDonut on a high surface, slip in your device, and enjoy your workout video from a comfortable angle. Who knows — you may even emerge from quarantine with a six-pack!

Try New Recipes

While it might seem like the whole word has been turned on its head, there are a few things that haven’t changed. For instance, we all still need to eat. Cooking doesn’t have to feel like a chore, however, when you use this time to find some new recipes to stretch your culinary muscles. No matter whether you love Thai food, barbecue, or classic American, you too can become a bonafide gourmet thanks to the countless recipes available online.

Our customers love using GoDonut in the kitchen. From listening to audiobooks while they cook, to video chatting with loved ones, to cooking along with instructional videos, there’s no place like the kitchen to truly experience all that GoDonut has to offer. Our customers’ favorite way to use GoDonut in the kitchen, however, is as a display for their recipes. Say goodbye to having to juggling knives, spoons, and spatulas while you flip or scroll through your recipe. With GoDonut, you can display your recipe and reference it hands-free. Bon appetit!


Stay Safe, Connected, and Entertained During the Pandemic

This period is difficult for everyone, no matter whether they’re dealing with physical or mental illness or just trying to find a way to pass the time without worrying about the state of the world. With GoDonut, you can ward off loneliness and boredom, even in this darkest of times. Keep an eye out for part II of this blog, in which we discuss four more ways to enjoy GoDonut while social distancing. Explore our products now!

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