Social Distancing? Stay Connected with GoDonut: Part II

Social Distancing? Stay Connected with GoDonut: Part II

Social Distancing Stay Connected with GoDonut

If you’re helping to flatten the curve by social distancing, loneliness and boredom don’t have to make this already difficult time even harder. In our last blog post, we discussed five ways that GoDonut can help you overcome isolation and stress from the COVID-19 pandemic. In this post, we share four more ways to ease your quarantine experience thanks to our universal device stand.

GoDonut allows you to enjoy your smartphone or tablet hands-free of any surface. It is portable, durable, and proudly made in the USA. Best of all, GoDonut is universally compatible with most types of devices, including the Apple iPhone and iPad, Samsung Galaxy, LG, Google Pixel, Microsoft Surface, and many more. GoDonut comes in two convenient designs, our classic GoDonut Original which allows you to view your device from three different angles, and our GoDonut 360, which lets you turn your smartphone or tablet in any direction. Read on to learn how GoDonut can help you through this trying time, then explore our device holders, available in nine fun colors.

Try New Crafts

Today, many people are turning to pastimes such as crafting as a way to enjoy activities outside of digital technology. Even if you’re new to making art, crafting doesn’t have to be difficult. All you need are a few affordable materials and some patience, and you can create beautiful decor for your home and/or gifts for your family and friends. From knitting to string art to beading, the possibilities for crafting are endless.

Best of all, just because you’re enjoying a technology-free hobby doesn’t mean that you can’t still harness the power of the Internet to provide you with some instructions. Thankfully, there are a wealth of crafting sites available online that can provide you with comprehensive text and video tutorials to help you find your way in the wonderful world of crafts.

With GoDonut, you can enjoy instructional crafting sites without having to compromise your handiwork. Say goodbye to having to put down your knitting needles or scissors thanks to our universal device stand’s convenient, hands-free design. Simply place your GoDonut on your crafting surface, slip in your smartphone or tablet, and put your creative muscles to use!

Read Books

There’s nothing like a good book to transport you to new worlds, introduce you to exciting characters, and get you thinking about important ideas. Unfortunately, buying books during the pandemic can be more difficult than it may seem. With many sites, such as Amazon, experiencing shipping delays, you may not even get your book until quarantine is nearly over. Furthermore, many people are currently on a shoestring budget, and hard copies of books can be expensive.

This is why we recommend investing in an e-reader or tablet for enjoying reading material during the quarantine. With a digital reader, you can instantly and affordably get access to your favorite books. Best of all, if you’re looking to finally tackle that classic novel that you’ve never had the time for, you’re in luck, because all books in the public domain are completely free! By investing in one device, you get countless books at no cost to you at your fingertips!

With GoDonut, reading on your digital device is easier than ever before, thanks to our device stand’s intuitive and hands-free design. Simply place your GoDonut on a convenient surface, sit back, and discover your next favorite book.

Listen to Audibooks and Podcasts

Reading not your thing? You can still enjoy exciting stories and valuable insights without having to read a word through audiobooks and podcasts. Currently, the audiobook industry is booming and it’s no wonder why. Audiobooks allow you to listen to some of the best titles available while getting on with other activities like cleaning the house, cooking dinner, exercising, or even doing some crafting like we mentioned above. For the ultimate relaxation experience, however, you can simply lounge back in your favorite chair, close your eyes, and dive into a story.

If you’re more of a nonfiction person, podcasts are a great way to stay plugged in to what interests you. Most new podcasts are released in weekly installments, although you can find archives of older podcasts online, and listen to the entire series in one sitting. From true crime to biographies to comedy, podcasts are a fun new way to stay informed, whether you want to listen to them while doing other activities or simply turn on, tune in, and drop out.

GoDonut is your go-to device accessory for listening to audiobooks and podcasts. No longer do you have to carry your smartphone or tablet with you as you go about your day. With GoDonut, you can simply prop your smartphone or tablet on a nearby surface, turn up the volume, and enjoy the sweet sounds of a professional voice-over.

Binge Your Favorite Shows 

Thanks to the abundance of streaming surfaces currently available, accessing TV and movies online has become an absolute breeze. With services like Netflix releasing new and old series nearly every day, the possibilities are endless when it comes to what to watch next. In trying times such as these, however, there’s nothing like returning to your favorite shows for a dose of necessary comfort. Whether you enjoy them with whoever you’re quarantined with or one your own, TV shows are a great way to distract yourself and have fun, even as the world remains uncertain.

Many of our customers love using their GoDonut to help them binge watch shows and movies. GoDonut is steady and durable, so you can sit it on any surface, even on your bed! Snuggle in for a late night with your loved one as you enjoy some of your favorite episodes.

Ward off Loneliness and Boredom With GoDonut

When it comes to getting through these dark times, you don’t have to go about it alone. With GoDonut, you can connect with loved ones, try new hobbies, and have fun worry-free without having to worry about your precious smartphone or tablet slipping or breaking. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to our store and order your GoDonut, available in two unique designs and nine fun colors. From our GoDonut family to yours, we wish you health, safety, and comfort during these times.

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