How to Capture Great Selfies and Other Cool Shots by Using Your GoDonut

How to Capture Great Selfies and Other Cool Shots by Using Your GoDonut

Have you ever wondered why we put the word “Go” in “GoDonut”? It’s because it’s a great phone/tablet stand to take with you when you go somewhere. But it’s not just the GoDonut’s portability and durability that make it a good travel companion, whether you’re exploring new places or taking selfies in your favorite haunts.

Your GoDonut is also a tripod.

OK, technically, it’s not a tripod because it doesn’t have three legs. It’s not even a monopod, because that requires at least one. If we wanted to make up another word, we’d call the GoDonut a nullipod.

All that aside, here are five ways your GoDonut can help you take better photos.

1. Multiple angle slots and positions for taking selfies

In one of it’s normal positions, the GoDonut will point your device’s front-facing camera up. That means you can set it on the ground for a far-away selfie or on a low object for a closer-up shot. If you set your GoDonut on a very high object, you can take a selfie with the rear-facing camera as it points down.

Tip: Your camera’s rear-facing camera is usually higher quality than your front-facing one, so turn your phone or tablet around in your GoDonut to point the rear-facing camera at yourself instead. You won’t, however, be able to see yourself on the screen.

Note: Which angles you can place your device at will be determined by the size of your device and its case.

2. Self-timer selfies for action shots

Most people take selfies, but few take them while levitating. Set your self-timer and leap into the air just before your camera captures the photo. This is especially good for adventure shots.

Tip: Use your front-facing camera if you’re having a hard time getting the timing right. Most phones display a countdown timer on the screen. 

3. Selfie videos

Using your GoDonut to hold your phone or tablet while you take a video of yourself will allow you to stand further back, and it keeps your video steady. 

Tip: This is also great for video chatting.

4. Time-exposure shots and timelapse/hyperlapse videos 

Want to capture streaks of light at night? Want to turn a cascading stream into velvety ribbons? Want to make your waterfall photo look like a pro took it? Use your GoDonut to hold your phone steady so you can take a long time-exposure photo without everything getting blurry.

Also use your GoDonut to hold your phone steady for timelapse and hyperlapse videos.

Tip: You may need to download an app to allow your phone to take time-exposure photos.

5. Stop-frame animation

Also known as stop motion, stop-frame animation has been around longer than cameras, but they’re still a whole lot of fun to create. The key is to prop your phone up so it won’t move — in a GoDonut! — and shift objects in your scene in between taking each photo. Download a stop-frame animation app to combine all the shots.

Tip: Pressing the shutter button on your phone may cause it to move ever-so-slightly each time you take a shot. Dig into the camera settings on your phone and set up a voice command for taking photos. 

Now get out there and capture the world!


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