Top Questions GoDonut Fans Ask Us, Plus a Few They Don’t

Top Questions GoDonut Fans Ask Us, Plus a Few They Don’t


We love our GoDonuts fans, and sometimes they have questions for us! Here are the top questions they ask us (and our answers), as well as some they haven’t asked us…yet:

Can I use the GoDonut if my phone or tablet has a case? 

Being one of the most universal stands out there, GoDonut is compatible with the majority of smartphones and tablets, including those with cases. Your GoDonut can accommodate a case up to one-half inch (12 millimeters) in thickness.

Are GoDonuts edible?

Um…no. If it was, you’d have no GoDonut.

Where are GoDonuts shipped from?

GoDonuts are manufactured in the USA and shipped from California.

If I shouldn’t eat a GoDonut, why does it have “donut” in the name?

It’s in the name because GoDonuts have the most fun shape on earth: a donut shape. We added the word “Go” because the size, durability, and versatility of this fun little stand makes it great for taking with you when you’re on-the-go, whether you’re running around town or traveling to far-flung destinations. 

Do you have a program for dealer self-promotion with GoDonuts?

Absolutely! Placing your company logo on our incredibly durable GoDonuts will be an opportunity for your brand to make high-frequency impressions now and into the distant future. People are using mobile devices constantly, and GoDonuts are a clever and convenient mobile accessory to pair with their on-the-go lives.

Learn more about our Go Logo program.

What else can you use a GoDonut to prop up? Books? Framed photos? Decorative wallplates?

We haven’t done any study on this, so we can’t guarantee that the GoDonut works outside its intended purpose. If you try something and it works, let us know! Share a photo on our FacebookInstagramTwitter, or LinkedIn pages.

Can I return a product? Is there a return/exchange guarantee?

If you are not 100 percent satisfied with your purchase at, you can return it within 60 days for our money-back guarantee.

Can I wear my GoDonut on my wrist? 

Absolutely, if your hand can fit through (don’t force it). Some people use this as a fun way to carry their GoDonut around.

I love my GoDonut! Where can I give it a review?

Thank you! We would be thrilled for you to share what you love about your GoDonut on our FacebookInstagramTwitter, or LinkedIn pages.

If you placed a bunch of GoDonuts end-to-end, how many would it take to go to the moon and back?

Approximately 3,784,176,000, according to our calculations. The distance between the earth and the moon actually varies throughout the years.

How small is a GoDonut?

A GoDonut is about 4 inches (10.2 centimeters) wide and 1 inch (2.5 centimeters) thick. It’s about the width of a coaster but slightly thicker than a hockey puck. It’s also surprisingly lightweight at just 3.68 ounces (0.1 kilogram) — lighter than a deck of cards.

Can I use my GoDonut as a coaster? 

We may or may not have ever used one as a coaster. It’s not its intended or recommended purpose, though, and the giant hole in the middle makes it a risky choice as a commandeered cup rest. 

Do GoDonuts feel like soft rubber or hard plastic?

Our brilliant inventor specifically engineered the GoDonut to be soft enough to grip your mobile device yet hard enough to retain its carefully crafted shape, even with frequent usage. If you grab the entire GoDonut and squeeze it, it’ll flex just enough to give your hand a nice workout. 

Can I use my GoDonut as a stress ball?

Nope! That’s what stress balls are for.

What is a GoDonut made of?

We take pride in including only the highest-quality ingredients in our GoDonuts. Each GoDonut is made of a carefully crafted thermoplastic, which contains zero toxins and is BPA-free, UL Listed, and Prop 65 Compliant, conforming to top product safety standards. GoDonuts are also incredibly durable. We ran over one with a 30,000-pound semi, and both the GoDonut and the truck survived unscathed.

My family members keep stealing my GoDonut! What should I do?

Buy them each one! They come in lots of color choices. GoDonut is the go-to gift for all occasions. Even give one to your enemy. Maybe they’ll be nice to you again and return that lawnmower they borrowed.

Are you going to make more GoDonut colors and glazes?

We are always working on new looks for the GoDonut. There are some exciting additions coming out this summer! Check our websiteFacebookInstagramTwitter, or LinkedIn pages for product announcements.

Can I suggest new GoDonut colors and glazes?

Please do! Visit our FacebookInstagramTwitter, or LinkedIn pages to post your suggestions.

How much is a lrg peperoni Pizza thin crust?

Um, wrong number?

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