What Your Favorite GoDonut Color Says About You

What Your Favorite GoDonut Color Says About You


There’s a reason why Americans all over the country are raving about our universally-compatible GoDonut smartphone and tablet stand. First of all, GoDonut can fit nearly all devices — including Apple, Samsung, Google, LG, Moto, and more — so you can rest assured that regardless of what model smartphone or tablet you have, GoDonut will allow you to enjoy it 100% handsfree. We offer two different GoDonut models, each featuring our revolutionary three-slotted design. The GoDonut Original is our classic mobile device stand, offering convenience in a compact form. For those looking for the ultimate in adjustability, we recommend the GoDonut 360. Its swivelable design allows you to view your phone or tablet screen at virtually any angle, anywhere, anytime.

Perhaps the thing our customers love most about GoDonut, however, is that it comes in nine unique colors, allowing you to take your smartphone game from drab to fab. Whether you want to match your bedroom, office, gym, or wherever else you like to use your GoDonut, our color customization allows you to be both practical and stylish. Want to coordinate your GoDonut with your favorite sports team’s colors? We’ve got you covered! Looking to buy matching GoDonuts for your sorority to use during group study seshes? We can help! In this blog post, we discuss the nine colors options available for our tablet and phone rest, and what they reveal about your personality.

Red: People who love the color red are outgoing and self-aware, constantly exuding a positive, powerful energy. A red GoDonut will allow them to carry their contagious can-do attitude with them everywhere they go.

Blue: Those who opt for a blue GoDonut are cool, calm, and collected. Their azure-hued phone prop will grant them serenity and peace, no matter where their travels take them.

Hunter green: Nature-lovers flock to this bluish-green shade, which invokes images of evergreen forest, making it ideal for the holiday season. Perhaps next winter you can put a hunter green GoDonut on your wishlist?

Lime green: Whether it’s spending time in your garden or heading out into the mountains, lovers of lime green are constantly aware of Mother Earth. Bring your GoDonut with you on your next outdoor adventure to shoot videos or read a book in the fresh air.

Yellow: Unsurprisingly, people whose favorite color is yellow often have a sunny disposition. A yellow GoDonut will provide them with a perfect, portable reminder that the glass is indeed half full.

Pink: If you’ve chosen a pink GoDonut, then we bet you have a nurturing, gentle personality. You’re a sucker for romance, and may well end up giving your GoDonut to another as a sign of your admiration.

Purple: Feeling mysterious? People who love purple are compassionate and likable, but difficult to pin down. A purple GoDown will allow you to exude your enigmatic energy everywhere you go.

Black: Just because your favorite color is black doesn’t mean you’re evil or gloomy. People who love the color black take pleasure in independence and solidarity, and they are often-strong willed. Best of all, black goes well with nearly everything, so your GoDonut will look great wherever you take it.

Orange: An orange GoDonut will show the world that you are exuberant, optimistic, and good-natured. As a social butterfly, your zest for life is truly contagious. Orange you glad that orange is your favorite color?


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From extroverts to introverts, party lovers to loners, we have a GoDonut color that can fit any personality! To learn more about our universal device stand and buy a GoDonut in your favorite color, visit our store today.

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