Year in review: 30 new GoDonuts

Year in review: 30 new GoDonuts

2021 has been an incredibly exciting year for GoDonut, even as we’ve dealt with all the turmoil that has spilled over from 2020. We’ve greatly expanded the variety of GoDonuts we offer, giving our fans more options when choosing a phone and tablet stand that helps them stay connected whether they’re at home or on-the-go.

And in many cases, having a steady way to prop up a mobile device has become paramount for loved ones video chatting with each other because they could not be together in person.

Here are the 30 simple, versatile, fun products we added to our shop this year, as well as the resources we shared to help you discover all the ways you can use your GoDonut to enhance your lifestyle.


In 2020, our customers had nine color options to choose from — black, blue, red, yellow, lime green, hunter green, orange, pink, and purple — as well as a GoDonut 360 option, which upgraded the GoDonut Original with a turntable base.


Early in 2021, we introduced the GoDonut Glazed, which took our nine original colors and made them super shiny.


In August, we excitedly launched our GoDonut Ultra line with 11 style options to choose from: Paws, Pink Leopard, Tech Green, US Flag, Yoga, Camo, Carbon Fiber, Cash, Comic, Jaguar, and Oak.


Expanding beyond color and texture choices, we gave our fans a big variety of styles to fit their look.


In time for the start of the holiday season, we released our limited edition GoDonut Skulls collection as Día de los Muertos and Halloween appeared on the horizon.

Emphasizing the decorative, festive nature of sugar skulls, we released the Skulls in nine colors, replacing black with white.

Winter Wonderland

To commemorate the way fresh snow sparkles in the light like a million glittering gems, we introduced our limited edition GoDonut Winter Wonderland in November as a 10th color option for our Glazed line.

Winter Wonderland GoDonuts are still available, so be sure to grab one before they’re gone!


Also in 2021, we made the GoDonut 360’s Swivel base available as an add-on for any of our newer GoDonuts.

The GoDonut Swivel is great for presentations, and it’s easily removable or lockable for when you don’t want it to spin.

How-to blogs

Using a GoDonut is self-explanatory. Even toddlers figure it out in no time. What does take a little more direction, though, is figuring out all the many, many purposes you can use a GoDonut for. 

That’s why we wrote you two-dozen fun and informative blog articles this year, from demonstrating how to use your GoDonut for better picture-taking and video-capturing to offering you tips on how to set up your home office for remote work.

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More GoDonuts coming soon

We’ve got some exciting new products on the horizon to add to our incredible collection. Follow us on social media for announcements, coupons, and tips on using your GoDonut:

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