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8 Ways to Improve Your Home Office Setting for Video Calls

Working from home and communicating via video calls has long since become the norm for many people, but the truth is, most of us could still use a lot of improvement with our technique even after more than a year of practice. Looking professional on camera can also help you make that important deal, crush

8 Ways to Not Ruin Your Back and Neck while Working at a Desk

Complaints of back and neck pain have been on the rise over the past year with more office workers doing their jobs remotely from home. Without the benefits of company-provided ergonomic chairs and desks, monitor and laptop stands, and reasons to frequently get up and walk to other parts of the building, remote workers have

8 Areas of Your Life to Pair with Your GoDonut

1. BUSINESS: The GoDonut workplace solution It’s no secret that most of us check our phones often for texts, missed calls, and other notifications while on the job. For those of us who work at a desk, placing your phone in your GoDonut keeps it handy and allows it to take up less room. Plus,

Recipe Holder: How to Make the Fluffiest Pancakes

Whether it’s National Pancake Day (Feb. 16) or just Saturday, there are few comfort foods more comforting than a warm stack of flapjacks — the fluffier the better. But there’s a trick to giving them the loft needed to melt in your mouth with every bite. Grab your GoDonut and follow this simple recipe on

Fitness Buddy: 9 Ways Your GoDonut Can Boost Your Workout

Trying to crush those fitness goals? It’s tough to do it alone. Did you know GoDonuts were designed with fitness in mind? Don’t let the sugary name fool you. A go-anywhere, universal mobile device stand will be a great addition to your fitness routine. Here’s how: 1. Watch fitness videos It’s easier to workout when

GoDonut on the Go: Why You Should Never Travel Without It

Looking forward to traveling? Your GoDonut has given you a new tool in your travel kit as you get out and explore.   1. Fight flight boredom In-flight entertainment selections are never satisfactory — if you even have your own seat-back screen. In fact, some airlines are actually removing screens from planes, according to Bloomberg. But

What Your Favorite GoDonut Color Says About You

There’s a reason why Americans all over the country are raving about our universally-compatible GoDonut smartphone and tablet stand. First of all, GoDonut can fit nearly all devices — including Apple, Samsung, Google, LG, Moto, and more — so you can rest assured that regardless of what model smartphone or tablet you have, GoDonut will

7 Smartphone Features You Never Knew About

If you’re one of the 3.5 billion smartphone users around the world, then you know how amazing these high-tech devices can be. From taking professional-quality photos to communicating with friends across the world to being a viral video sensation, smartphones allow us to do things that we once thought impossible. In this blog post, we

5 Tips for Filming Videos With a Phone or Tablet

Today, anyone can be a film director, thanks to the high-quality video cameras available on most mobile devices. Thinking of starting a vlog? Your smartphone has got you covered! Looking to record some of your awesome skateboarding moves? Your tablet can do that, too! Best of all, with sites such as YouTube allowing you to